Travel to Impact

Google Ad Grants helped Travel to Impact drive student registration online, while reaching new universities.

Marketing Goals

  • Expand presence in new universities
  • Drive traffic to website
  • Increase new student registrations

Success Metrics


new universities reached


website clicks


new student registrations

At a Glance

Travel to Impact

Location: South Africa

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Travel to Impact operates under AIESEC, the world's largest youth-led organisation and strives to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leaders. Travel to Impact connects students at South African Universities with nonprofit organisations to participate in a 6-8 week internship and sends students abroad to foster youth leadership and cultural understanding. Each year 200 students travel to Brazil, Mauritius, India, and Turkey and continue to make a difference in their host community.

Marketing Goals

Before joining the Ad Grants programme, Travel to Impact relied on traditional marketing channels that required them to have a physical presence on campus. Students put up posters and shared shifts at the Travel to Impact campus information stand to raise awareness and encourage their fellow students to engage in nonprofit work around the world. While they were successful in their efforts, the organisation was limited to specific universities.

Travel to Impact saw an opportunity in the online space and developed an online strategy centered around the Google Ad Grants programme. Through Ad Grants, they could promote their website, drive online registrations in new universities, and measure the impact of their ads.

Impact of Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants enabled Travel to Impact to broaden their marketing reach in 10 additional universities in South Africa. Their new online marketing strategy led to 35,000 clicks to their website in 8 months, a 4.6% conversion rate and 1,200 new student registrations. They have established a strong online presence and are working to help other organisations in AIESEC get on line and sign up for Google Ad Grants.

“Google Ad Grants helped us reach out to students at universities we would have never reached otherwise.”
Michael Hubbard, VP Marketing & Finance, Travel to Impact